Green Sap


GREEN SAP® is a natural vegetable extract that does not have any side effects. It is totally non toxic even with high doses. It is compatible with all other treatments including chemo and radiation therapy and reduces the side effects commonly associated with these treatments.

It has proven antitumoral effects and corrects deficiencies in the immune system.

The cellular effect of GREEN SAP® aids our immune system in selectively eliminating anaerobic cells, creating cell stress and ischemia, that leads to cell death. Tumors and metastases are eliminated selectively in this way.

It is important to emphasize that from the beginning of the treatment the patient experiences a remarkable improvement in well being and quality of life, allowing most patients to lead a normal life. GREEN SAP® stimulates the immune system to recognize cancer cells as foreign bodies to be eliminated, thereby overcoming the major problem in the treatment of cancer.


Scientific studies carried out in Argentina within the framework of different STAN (High Level Technical Services) at CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research), through its executing unit CEFYBO (Center for Pharmacological and Botanical Studies). showed that Green Sap has a cytotoxic, cytostatic effect “in vitro”.

Subsequent “in vivo” studies at the same institution would demonstrate, among other things, that in tumor-induced individuals the mortality of all controls would take place 40 days after inoculation of a tumor (ascites lymphoma) while in the groups treated orally with Green Sap, 260 days post permanent inoculation live specimens, among other conclusions.

Other properties of the Green Savia extracts components such as cholagogue, hepatoprotective, antioxidant and immunostimulant are documented in dozens of scientific papers at an international level. We must emphasize that from the first stages of treatment the patient reports a notable improvement in his quality of life, allowing in most cases the patient to return to his normal life.

Green Sap is a product that complies with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and is made from natural raw materials of excellent quality, in order to guarantee its composition and safe dosage. Labeco Ltda (Uruguayan Ecological Laboratory) puts pharmaceutical technology at the service of nature to provide a better quality of life.