Green Sap – Dosage and Modes of use


Product Presentation:

Green Sap – Drops 50 ml bottle w / dropper cap.


Indicated in cancer.


In vitro it was observed that effective inhibition dose is 60 drops 4 times a day for a standard patient of 70 kg., also should adjust the dose according to the pathology and biotype of the patient. Doses should be separated from meals by at least half an hour before each of them.


It’s recommended to shake the product before its usage so as to homogenize it because of its organoleptic properties, reaching by this way the best efficacy from the product .

This characteristic was proved in laboratory’s experimentation phase where the obtained results measured as inhibition percentage of tumor growth up were really bigger than in the cases that was made an appropriated homogenization. Due to its accumulation property of active components reflected in the increase of the inhibitory effect at 24 hs and 48 hs, it’s recommended not to interrupt the treatment once started, so as to capitalize this mentioned property in favor of the last objective of the product which is combat tumor cell’s proliferation.

The administration more recommended is under the tongue, as the first step in hepatic metabolism, however can can be administrated orally and by nasogastric tube.

About the alcoholic consumption in concomitance with this treatment, it was demonstrated that it will be a transition from inhibition of anti tumor activity to a stimulation of cell’s proliferation, for this reason it’s not recommended its consumption with our treatment, as alcohol is an stimulant “per se” of cell’s proliferation.

It’s not recommended administrate synthetic vitamin B conjointly with our treatment.
About the characteristics of the products, which lacks side effects and doesn’t present medicines interaction.

It’s advisable to maintain the product far from the sunlight.


It’s not advisable the usage of the product in pregnant or in lactation because we don’t have studies about this cases.