Green Sap – Frequent Questions


.::. Is there any contraindication on taking the drops GREEN SAP together with the chemotherapy treatment?
There are no contraindications, this also helps bearing the chemotherapy effects

.::. How long will it take before one notices the treatment effects?
It will depend on the case, but during the first days the person will already feeling better, and in a few days more the cancerous cells will begin to die and been eliminated from the body, so the person will be even better. For example: people that have prostatical bleeding, this will stop after 6 to 10 days. The lung tumors are cured generally in two and a half months, although there are cases in which the healing time is longer. The most important thing life quality, people start working again and having a normal life. But it is necessary to continue taking the drops to prevent the tumor to strike again

.::. Can it take the drops GREEN SAP together with another treatment?
There is not problem, but you have to be careful about taking the drops on empty stomach

.::. Does the treatment have any effect on leukemia?
We have a medical team dedicated to the study of GREEN SAP treatment against leukemia

.::. What do I do after i am cured? Should I continue taking the drops?
Yes, and it is advised to be in contact with our Medical Center to study the maintenance.

.::. Can the drops cause headaches?
No, the drops doesn’t have any secondary effects.

.::. Can this treatment be combined with B17 vitamin?
No, the B Vitamins revitalize cells and even more the cancerous ones, and this is what we are trying to avoid.

.::. When the organism should begin to react?
It is very subjective and very individual, for example, people that have prostate bleeding, they stop between six to ten days. The lung tumors are healed generally in two and a half months, although there are cases that take longer.