Green Sap – Treatment


We must add that patients begin to experience rapid improvement after taking Green Sap, assures us by the team who worked with Dr. Bernardo Udaquiola Oncologist:

“It depends on each case-say-but in the early days the person feels relieved and just days after notice is improving since the cancer cells begin to die and be eliminated from the body.”

As for the underlying disease have been very successful, up to 80% of cases, achieving the almost total disappearance or reduction of tumores.Hay also emphasize the improved quality of life. Most return to work and lead a normal life.

Of course, care must be taken, so you should keep a maintenance therapy to prevent future relapses.


We conclude by explaining that the treatment is applied in three stages:

.::. The first consists of two phases: Assimilation, in confirming the good acceptance of the drug by the body and whose duration is fixed in a month-and Restraint-lasting approximately three months of intensive treatment, the end of which provided a detailed analysis of the patient and its evolution so far.

.::. A second stage that usually come with the most significant results:

a) The possible partial disappearance of the tumors. In these cases the patient takes a maintenance dose of 30 drops twice a day half hour before meals.

b) The possible partial reduction of the tumor or, in case of metastases, the disappearance of some tumors and reduced others. In these cases the dosage is maintained, and after four months of treatment, further studies again.

c) The total disappearance of symptoms and complete remission without signs of malignant cells. But even in this case is discontinued. Maintaining a dose of precaution and prevention for possible recurrence of thirty drops in the morning on an empty stomach once Aldi.

.::. And finally, a third stage, known as Maintenance, which is reaching the patient when you feel healed. You must take a single daily dose for at least 6 months.

Here you can see the results of scientific work in international institutions to verify the clinical results obtained by the medical team.