Uruguay Ltda Labeco presence in Latin America and Europe enter the market with a herbal gel used in other countries only, with significant effects in the treatment of keloids, varicose veins and psoriasis, or as a complement in treatments with natural products against cancer. This condition is recommended for use as an adjunct to Green Sap, Uruguayan revolutionary product with antitumor properties and immunostimulants.

Onconat Gel A:

The virtues and medicinal properties of plants have been valued since ancient times by our ancestors to this day. Thus Onconal Gel - A is made ​​from a unique combination of plant extracts from plants grown in this region of the planet. Rosemary belongs to the Labiatae family, has been recognized for its strong antioxidant properties, mainly given by two of its active constituents, carnosic acid and carnosol. For these antioxidant properties and has a beneficial effect for skin protector. Another active ingredient, Diosmin, gives the property to improve circulation to the skin level, decreasing capillary fragility. The other extract, this is the plantain, which has anti-inflammatory and restorative properties of the skin, which are conferred by the high content of chlorogenic acids and necrogénicos. Natural medicine also gives properties as an antioxidant, astringent and healing.Directions: keratolytic, antioxidant and moisturizer.

Directions: Apply with fingertips on the desired area and spread evenly in a circular motion until completely absorbed. Onconal Gel - A absorbs quickly and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. As a gel made from natural extracts provides water and nutrients, leaving skin soft, moisturized and renewed.

Ingredients: Gel Rosmarinus officinalis and Plantago Major. Plant extracts, in addition to providing the active ingredients in natural form, they provide a soft color and fragrance, without adding artificial flavorings and colorings.

Onconat Gel-A as a keratolytic and against skin cancer:

The keratolytic action, which moves the layers of the skin, eliminates questionable formations correspond to malignant lesions, this being a highly appreciated property to dissolve the keratin in the skin and promote healing of wounds.

Onconat Gel - A face first-degree burns:

It is suitable for the treatment of skin burns of first degree (affects only the epidermis or outer layer of skin). An example of such burns would be caused by exposure to sunlight, producing a reddening of the skin without producing blisters.

Onconat Gel - A in the treatment of keloids:

Regarding the treatment of keloids, we know they are skin lesions formed by overgrowth of scar tissue at the site of a skin lesion that can be produced by surgical incisions, traumatic wounds, vaccination sites, burns, chickenpox, or acne lesions or abrasions.

Extensive keloids may limit the mobility of the hands and feet or legs and cause aesthetic problems. If a keloid in the sun, can be stained a dark permanently. A keloid can cause itching and annoying at the beginning of their training. Keloids are benign lesions that never become malignant. In this type of condition Onconat Gel - A acts as an antiinflammatory and keratolytic, with excellent results, and its combined treatment with Green Sap drops.

Onconat Gel - A in the treatment of circulatory disorders:

Another action of Onconat Gel - A is its application to the poisonous disorders (varicose external), taking anti-inflammatory action in its spectrum with very good results, achieving the disappearance of these in about 8 months, with strict adherence to treatment and also being combined Drops with Green Sap (to have a synergistic effect from two different absorption, enteral and cutaneous multiplying the efficiency of this product).

Onconat Gel - for the Treatment of Psoriasis:

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